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Your energy decreases in the middle of party, now what? Take a quick Energy-E from Happy Caps to give you enough Energy to keep going in no time.
Contents: 4 pieces

Looking for an extra energy boost?

Energy-E is the ultimate combination of powerful herbs in a capsule, which gives you just the mega boost of energy to get you through the night.
Feel nicely energized and uninhibited by powerful effects of Energy-E. The creation of this product took a lot of research, but the result is worth it.

By using the animo acid beta-alanine in combination with l-arginineyour muscles tire less quickly, which gives you the opportunity to give full throttle. Beta-alanine in combination with l-arginine ensures that extra carnosine is produced in your body. Carnosine is found in your muscle tissue and among other things responsible for your endurance. It seems to be widely used by athletes and sports fanatics, some studies have found that this combination improves athletic performance.


Energy-E is a natural dietary supplement and we do not recommend using it in combination with medications/alcoholic beverages/drugs and/or caffeine-containing products. In case of medical conditions, medication use, pregnancy or lactation, consult your doctor first. Do not exceed daily recommended amounts(2 capsules). This product is not suitable for minors and keep out of reach of children.

Should you feel unwell after taking it, consult your doctor!

There are 4 capsules in the package, after taking it, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes before it is noticeable. This depends on body weight and state of mind, among other factors.

Contents per piece:Beta-alanine 390 mg, l-arginine 180 mg, l-carnitine, rhodiola rosea 160 mg, guarana 160 mg, bioperine 80 mg, vitamin and mineral complex 40 mg, amino acid complex 15 mg (vegetarian capsule).

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