What are Fluorinated compounds

Fluorinated compounds, are known for their variants that offer an alternative in the amphetamine corner. In the past, we saw the variant 4fmp, which has since been banned and is no longer available. In the Fluorinated compounds category, there are a number of variants that provide similar effects/results during research. Products in this category that are quite popular:

Fluorinated compounds, the chemistry

Fluorinated compounds are generally often a synthetic molecule which often belongs to the Amphetamine family. This Research Chemical is available in different variants such as powder, pellets, capsules and more.

Scientifically speaking, fluorinated compounds also resemble amphetamines. The comparison is usually made with products such as MDMA

What is 2fma?

2fma is just as incredibly popular as 4fma when it comes to fluorinated compounds. In the past, 4fmp was the most famous, but since 4fmp has been banned, the popularity of the product has declined.

In addition, products such as 2fma are comparable to the above and are available.

How should you best store the product?

You should primarily store Fluorinated compounds dry. Just like the rest, it is available in many variants such as, crystal chunks, powder, pellets or capsules. Therefore, store your RC’s, like other RC’s, for the best shelf life in a dry and cold environment. In addition, you should keep it away from open fire and out of reach of minors.

Research Chemicals have a minimum shelf life of 18-24 months. 

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