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Enjoying a whole evening of dancing with a fine euphoric feeling? Take Dance-E from Happy Caps to enjoy the night with a bright high.
Package content is 4 pieces, do not exceed daily recommended amounts(2 capsules).

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Dance-E capsule from Happy Caps gives you a euphoric and bright high to dance the night away. Through the unique combination of this natural herbal formula with powerful energizers, Dance-E gives you the ecstasy you need to stomp on the dance floor all night without crazy side effects or hangovers.
Muscle pain is something you can’t escape, and that’s not surprising after a night of stomping.


There are 4 capsules in the package, after taking it, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes before it is noticeable. This depends on body weight and state of mind, among other factors.

Contents per piece: Creatine 395mg, Ashwagandha 200mg, Panax Ginseng Extract 200mg, Ginkgo Biloba 70mg, Centella Asiatica 67mg, Choline 53mg, Vitamin C 37mg, Grapeseed Extract 35mg, Guarana (30% caffeine) 35mg, Rhodiola rosea 35mg, Turmeric 35mg, Bacopa monnieri 33mg, Piper nigrum Extract 2mg, Vitamin B6 0.47mg.

Dance-E is a natural dietary supplement and we do not recommend using it in combination with medication/alcoholic beverages/drugs and-or caffeine-containing products. In case of medical conditions, medication use, pregnancy or lactation, consult your doctor first. Do not exceed daily recommended amounts(2 capsules). Contains caffeine. This product is not suitable for minors and keep out of reach of children.

Should you feel unwell after taking it, consult your doctor!

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