4F-Methylphenidate (4F-MPH) Pellets 30mg


*This product should only be used for research purposes*

Prices are per pellet 30mg

This product is also available in powder form.

Staff discount:

  • 7% from 25 pieces
  • 15% from 50 pieces
  • 25% from 100 pieces

Information about this product

4F-Methylphenidate (4F-MPH) Pellets 30mg is not a real Ritalin. The offered product contains an active ingredient similar to methylphenidate. In addition, this product is a research chemical which is not intended for human consumption. However, it would be excellent for chemical research.
It seems that 4F-Methylphenidate (4F-MPH) Pellets provide better concentration.

  • Hazard designation
    • if this product comes in contact with eyes, it may cause irritation (rinse for at least 20 minutes)
    • If this product comes in contact with respiratory tract, it may cause irritation (flush for at least 20 minutes)
  • Storage advice
    • store out of reach of minors and animals
    • this product should be stored in a dry and cool place
    • airtight storage

How to order.

Methylphenidate (4F-MPH) is offered in many smart and online stores. Because trafficking Ritalin itself is illegal, buying 4F-MPH is interesting. The 4F-MPH has been tested in a lab and has the proper papers to show that the substance is safe. The drug can be ordered discreetly and quickly on our web shop.

4F-Methylphenidate (4F-MPH) Pellets on zzzzap.co.uk are quick and safe to order. Payments can be made through different payment options including iDeal, credit card, SoFort.

Orders will be delivered in discreet packaging and via PostNL to the address indicated.

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