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4-FMA as a successor to 4-FA and 4-FMP 4-FMA pellets 150mg |

4-FMA – Conventional precursors

XTC, MDMA and Speed have been known as popular party drugs for years. Despite
that these drugs are illegal, you don’t have to look far at many a festival site.
Even after the inclusion of these products in list 1 of the Opium Act (targeted
on hard drugs), these still remain all-time favorites for many partygoers.
However, the last 10 years have also seen a measurable increase in the supply of
new drugs: the now familiar “designer drugs” or “research chemicals.
which I’m sure you’ve read about on in several articles. In the
In recent years, research chemicals have rapidly gained ground
at festivals and house parties.

How did 4FA, 4-FMP and 4-FMA enter the market?

4-FA and 4-FMP originated between 2007 and 2009. Initially
them as an adulterant because there was a shortage of raw materials for
speed and MDMA. Since 2010, they actually entered the market as
research chemicals, meaning that from then on they will be under their own
name were available to consumers. The legal shelf life of
research chemicals, however, is limited. The government is working hard to create new
types of drugs ASAP to be included in the Opium Act, removing them from legality
be met. Until then, products are freely available on the market. After 7
year on the market, 4-FA and 4-FMP fared similarly; since 2017, these have also been
products included in the Opium Act. This immediately led to a
declining popularity of both products, but a new substance was already in
on the rise: 4-FMA. In chemical terms, the composition of 4-FMA is again just
slightly different from 4-FA and 4-FMP and therefore again creeps conveniently through the

The effects and action of 4-FMA, 4-FA and 4-FMP

4-FA, 4-FMP and 4-FMA are used orally as a pellet (pill) or as a powder in a
capsule. In addition, it is also snorted. The operation is compared to
XTC. There is an upbeat, euphoric feeling, users feel like
dancing and a water of speech soon ensues. About half an hour to an hour
after ingestion, users begin to feel the first effects. These effects
may persist for 4 to 6 hours. After-effects can sometimes last up to 12 hours after
use are observable.
Also, any unpleasant side effects are similar to those after taking XTC and
MDMA; after the substance wears off, users can take up to several days after

use still suffer from gloom and insomnia. During use
one suffers from overheating resulting in dehydration. However, there is also
a danger of water intoxication, because one will drink far too much precisely in
a short time frame. Some people suffer from a hangover feeling
in which headaches predominate. 4-FMA is seen by some as a
safer alternative to 4-FA and 4-FMP, but honesty compels us to say
that with research chemicals it is always uncertain to make any statements about this.
The effects and functioning pick up slightly differently for each user, and because the
here are new products, the effects on health are not yet

There is also an overlap with XTC and
MDMA. There is no chance of physical dependence, but it is
possible to develop a mental addiction. Users who use this
experienced in the moment have the urge to catch up and have the
feeling that a festival or evening at the pub is less energizing without a
pill or capsule.

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