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Online are numerous experiences of researchers who tested a Research Chemical. For anyone orienting themselves to a product that suits your needs, these experiences can be valuable.
Below is a summary of a research paper. The user was under the influence of 2fma and in the company of a second person when he wrote down his findings. It is the third time for this user to experiment with this product:

Translation of an English-language Tripreport on Reddit:

Dosage and duration: 35 mg in the morning with two re-doses of 25-30 mg (three and six hours after the first doses).
9 hours after the last ingestion, I still feel some residual visual and physical effects. The cognitive effects are now gone, though.

Restlessness: About an hour after the first dose, I feel increased heart rate and perspiration. As I signal this, a restlessness also sets in. I must admit that for a moment I thought I had gone too far. Fortunately, I have learned to calm myself down during previous studies with products by reminding myself that it is just an effect of the drug and that I am physically safe. I feel that combining 2-FMA and caffeine increases agitation.

Euphoria: After the first dose of 35 mg on an empty stomach, a change in mood is hardly noticeable. After the first 25 mg re-dose, I immediately feel more stimulated to take action. Coziness feels good and everything is peaceful, calm and blissful. For a moment I experienced a moment where I wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation to the person I was with. This felt very natural. While using 4F-MPH, I have previously noticed a tendency to get tunnel vision and forget my surroundings because I am visually trapped. When using 2fma, I am not in my own world at all, I notice my surroundings. I feel less chaos. This calmness provides minimal euphoria.

Emotions: I do not experience that my emotions have dulled, but mainly that my daily worries seem to have disappeared. I feel calm and relaxed. I am completely satisfied with the company I am in.

Cognition: I feel pure focus. I’m not sure if it’s because of the nature of 2fma or if it’s amphetamines in general, but I feel I have much more focus on what I’m doing. I have noticed before that I can study for hours. My thoughts take few side paths and I can consciously direct my attention to thoughts other than those that come naturally.

Social: Socializing feels good once the stimulant high (after dose 2) kicks in. I thought talking wouldn’t be fun, but once the conversation gets going, it comes very naturally. Nor do I feel the need to cuddle, but I do believe that meaningful, deep conversation in such a state would feel a little strange. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know. The conversations do flow easily and naturally. I also feel able to walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation more easily. I feel a little more intuitive.

Physical effects: Visual: Around T+5h-9h I notice moderate visual changes. The white letters on the screen of my laptop become more colorful. It is becoming increasingly difficult to see the letters on my screen at all sharply. Other things I see just come in sharply, in I am attracted to lights and bright colors. At one point, I even began to see patterns on the bathroom floor. There were no full-blown hallucinations.
Cardiovascular: While kicking in, my heart lets me know it is present. For 10-20 minutes, I even feel rushed and not really relaxed because of my faster heart rate. After keeping track of my heart rate, it just turned out to be between 80 and 105 beats per minute.
Tremors: My hands don’t really tremble, but I am somewhat clumsy in my coordination.

Feigning sobriety: I truly believe you can act “sober” on 2fma. During the high, there is no pupil dilation. I still feel like myself, just happy, with good focus and calm.

Best used for: I definitely feel a markedly increased focus. 2fma is regularly used for long study or work sessions, and I can certainly see why. Socializing using 2fma would probably be nice too, but I think there are many resources that are much more suitable for that. Light exercise (walking, biking) feels great. My body feels quite light and movement is very easy.

Additional Notes: Don’t expect a panacea, but once you start doing something, it feels easy to persevere in it nicely. If you really want to go for a recreational high, choose a different compound.

In conclusion

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