Information about Poppers

Poppers are both a popular and controversial drug. The content is a chemical commonly known as alkyl nitrite. Poppers have a short-term, strongly psychoactive effect. They are commonly used as a sexual stimulant and as a means of becoming more relaxed.

Piece of history

Poppers have a long history in the LGBTQ community. In the 1970s, poppers were a key component of various scenes. They were used to boost the dancers and enhance the experience.

Are poppers illegal?

Obtaining poppers is legal in most countries. Although the contents are not considered an illegal substance, there are laws regulating their sale and use. For example, in some countries it is illegal to sell poppers to people under the age of 18.

How do you use poppers?

There are several ways poppers can be used. Most people absorb it by inhalation, by holding it directly under the nose, although some people also massage it, apply it to the skin, or take it into the mouth.

What types of Poppers are there?

Poppers are available in different flavors, including amyl, butyl and isopropyl nitrite. Each strain has a different strength and effect. Amyl is the most common and strongest type.


Amyl is a nickname for a chemical called amyl nitrite. It is often sold in small capsules and bottles as an inhalant or humectant. When this substance is inhaled, it causes a short but intense feeling of euphoria and energy


Butyl is a nickname for another chemical called butyl nitrite. Like amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite is often used as an inhalant or humectant. When this substance is inhaled, it causes a brief but intense feeling of euphoria and energy.


Isopropyl is a nickname for a chemical called isopropyl nitrite. This substance is often used as an inhalant or humectant, but has no psychoactive properties. This means that it does not cause a feeling of euphoria or energy when inhaled.

Poppers effects and/or side effects

They are airy and volatile liquids that give you a short buzz and make your sexual experience more intense.

Poppers can help improve the sexual experience by increasing blood flow to the area being stimulated.

In addition, it can help with muscle relaxation and reduce anxiety.

– Strengthen sexual desire
– Muscle
relaxing –
Relaxing – Excited
– Stimulating feeling
– Euphoric feeling

NB! do not use in combination with other erection aids

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