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You want this cool and fun line card in your wallet, right?

Draw that line with the most beautiful pass in NL. To measure is to know!

Line Pass

It is with great joy that we can announce that nowadays we also have our own designed line pass well in stock. You need this line pass to make the perfect line.

You come to an after

You know it. After a night out, you end up at an after. After calmly letting the cat out of the tree, there comes the moment when you start to top up (duh).

Now it is fairly logical that you are going to make yourself as comfortable as possible. You’re looking for something with a smooth surface. A mirror, phone screen or dinner plate lend themselves perfectly to drawing the right line. Other than that, all you need is the product you would like to use. This can be 3-CMC, but 4-FMA, 2F-Ketamine or a-PiHP are also fine, of course. Of course, you’ll also need our well-known snuff tube and a line pass for this.

Let’s face it. You’re not going to use a pass from the ANWB or Gamma when you’re all up in arms at an after, are you? For your convenience, you can even measure your line with our line card. With our line pass, you’ll draw lines tighter than your mother-in-law’s bikini line


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