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What is 4F-Ritalin

What is 4F-Ritalin?

4F-Ritalin (4F MPH) is marketed as a Research Chemical. This RC has the same effect as Ritalin. Ritalin is mostly found in the medical field and doctors prescribe it to people who are diagnosed with ADHD. Ritalin which the doctor prescribes comes mostly in pill form. In addition, there seem to be multiple ways to make this product work.

The name Ritalin

Ritalin is just a brand name. Many variants are available in the medical world such as Medikinet, Ritalin, Equasym, Concerta, etc.

Active substance Methylphenidate

The active ingredient in 4F-Ritalin (4F MPH) is Metylphenidate (hydrochloride). This active ingredient is a Psychostimulant which has been around for some time. It was registered as a drug in the 1960s. Methylphenidate is a wekamine. As a result, it releases dopamine in the brain. Typically, methylphenidate absorbs quickly into the blood, works quickly, but is also quickly broken down.

Ritalin in the Netherlands

Ritalin is common as a drug in the Netherlands. Thus, the product was prescribed as much as 980,000 times as a prescription in 2010. However, the “off label” use of Ritalin is prohibited in the Netherlands and is even on list 1 of the Dutch Opium Act and has similar status internationally. However, in 2009, ethicists in England claimed that the recreational use of Methylphenidate by adults can be done safely. In particular, it would improve cognitive functions. In student life, the product is incredibly common during exam weeks.

Research Chemical 4F-Ritalin

4F-Ritalin, as mentioned above, is a Research Chemical which is produced precisely so that it has the same effect as the original product. However, it is important that Research Chemicals are intended for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Is 4F-Ritalin legal?

The Research Chemical 4F-Ritalin, or 4F-MPH, is legally available. As soon as there are any changes regarding the sale of this product, you can read about it here in our informative blog.

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