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Ketamine | The rise of Ketamine |

K, Ket, Keta, Special K, Vitamin K, or Ketamine. It was invented in 1962 is since the years
70 a substitute for PCP as an anesthetic in the medical world. Among other things, it was used as
anesthetic during the Vietnam War. The drug with its hallucinatory effects is being
used less and less in the medical world and, on the contrary, from the 1990s on, surfaced during Techno
parties. In recent years, it has been on the rise at festivals and during raves and afters.

Drug researcher Ton Nabben of the Bonger Institute confirms that there is a growing
popularity is visible in the Netherlands. Whereas Ketamine had been popular for some time at Amsterdam
dance parties, in recent years it has increasingly been found at parties in other parts of the
country. Does this mean there is a new trend? According to experts, drugs such as ecstasy and
cocaine by far more popular with partygoers.

Who use Ketamine?

Research shows that Ketamine users are frequently highly educated Dutch people who are
like to go to dance parties. These are experienced drug users who are not averse to
experiment. The average Dutch drug user is generally described
as a user who likes to experiment, but in addition likes to stay “on top of things.” This group
users look for increased social interaction, but through Ketamine you dive more into your own
world. This seems to be the reason that drugs like cocaine and ecstasy seem to be doing better in our country.

Figures from the Trimbos Institute (late 2020s):

– By 2020, 2.0% of Dutch adults had ever used Ketamine. In 2016 and 2018
these figures were lower.
– The increase in use is particularly evident among men, people in their twenties and those in (very)
urban areas. For example, while usage for 25-29 year olds was 2.1% in 2016, by 2020 it was
that 5.1%. Among 20-24 year olds, use also increased from 2.0 to 4.5% in the last year.
– Young adults who used Ketamine in the past year gave the following reasons:
perceiving things differently (79%), chilling and relaxing (63%), socializing with friends (61%),
experiencing adventures and crazy things (57%)

2F-Ketamine, a substitute for Ketamine

Ketamine is listed under the drug law, which means it may be prescribed by
doctors and veterinarians. The production, possession or trafficking of Ketamine in our country is then
also prohibited. Since 2016, an alternative has entered the market in the form of a Research
Chemical called: 2F-Ketamine. Read more about this product in our earlier blog: “2F-FDCK / 2F-

Ketamine and music

Its emerging popularity has been reflected in the music world for years. Both at home and
abroad, Ket plays the lead role in several songs. Below is a list:

Krytax – “Line of Ketamine”
Reinier Zonneveld – “The Cap of Ket”
The Chemical Brothers – “Lost in the K-Hole”
Blur – “Brothers & Sisters”
Cocorosie – “K-Hole”
Clap Your Hands Say yah – “Ketamine & Ecstasy”
NOFX – “Kids of the K-Hole”
The Polish Ambassador – “Space Kitten”
Placebo – “Special K”
Kissy Sell Out – “Get Ready For The K-Hole”
Bloc Party – “The Prayer”

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