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3-CMC (Meow) vs. 3-MMC

3-CMC (Meow) vs. 3-MMC

Designer drugs

3-CMC belongs to the “designer drugs” or “research chemicals” of the cathinone class. Drugs that fall under this heading are often derived from classic species. However, minor modifications have been made to its composition by chemists, so its effects are still similar to those of the classic variety, but the drug is simply not yet included in the Opium Act. In this way, the law is conveniently circumvented and the drug is not (yet) banned.
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As you read above, designer drugs are often a variation of a classic drug. Not surprisingly, 3-CMC is an alternative to 3-MMC; a product that has been included in the Opium Act since October 2021. Experienced users report that the action of both types is very similar. 3-MMC is still obtainable for the user who dares to go off the beaten path, but the fact that 3-CMC is legally available makes it a lot easier. Since 3-CMC has entered the market more recently, less is known about its long-term and short-term risks. This is seen as a disadvantage.
Read the product description of the product 3-CMC here

What does it do to you?

Experiences regarding the effects of drugs are always personal. Users are fairly unanimous about the effects of 3-CMC and 3-MMC: when used, one feels alert, cheerful and fatigue disappears like snow in the sun. Self-confidence gets a boost and social interaction seems to come naturally. As a result, the evening or night runs smoothly. Some users additionally experience an uptick in libido. Regular comparisons are drawn to the effect of XTC (MDMA) combined with Cocaine.

3cmc variants

There are a number of variants in circulation. The most common variations are listed below.

3-CMC in the future

Reportedly, 3-CMC will only be freely available for a short time. The government is considering a law to include various types of designer drugs in the Opium Act at once. The revision of this law is still scheduled for calendar year 2022. After this, 3-CMC will also only be in the illegal circuit.

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