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2-MMC vs. 3-MMC

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Ban on 3-MMC | 2-MMC vs. 3-MMC

Why 2-MMC vs. 3-MMC ? Since October 2021, 3-MMC has been included in the Opium Act. This means production,
trade and possession of this product is no longer permitted in the Netherlands. 3-MMC stands at
some researchers better known as “Puss.” It is a product that falls under the group:
synthetic cathinones. Right after 3-MMC was banned, a number of variant
new synthetic cathinones on the market. By a slight modification in the chemical
composition, these products are as yet off the list of the Opium Act and are
therefore legally available. You can think of the following cathinones here:
– 2-MMC
– 3-CMC “Meow”
– 4-MMC “Meow meow”
Below, we take a closer look at 2-MMC as an alternative to 3-MMC, or 2-MMC vs. 3-MMC.

2-MMC a good substitute for 3-MMC?

2-MMC was first found on the European market as early as mid-2014. After the
ban on 3-MMC in 2021, it is actually seen as a suitable alternative. That
these products are in the same ballpark is also evident from the experience of several
researchers. The following effects are mentioned:
– Stimulating / more energy
– Higher alertness
– Sweating
– Increased heart rate
– Feeling confident
– Increased empathy
– Needed social interaction
– Openness
– Use produces a painful sensation on the nose
From multiple experiences, the product appears to have milder effects than 3-MMC.
Interestingly, users describe that although they feel an increase in energy, the
exuberance and the euphoric feeling are clearly less present than with 3-MMC.

The risks of 2-MMC

The main objection to the use of research chemicals is that there are over risks to the
short- and long-term is still little known. The effects and risks can vary from person to person
differences. Also, the effect of this drug in combination with
drugs or other research chemicals.

How do you use 2-MMC?

2-MMC has the same structure as 3-MMC. It comes in a dull, crystalline
form, which is easily changed to a powder form. 2-MMC is available in pellets
or capsules for oral use. In addition, it is commonly sold in powder form or in
crystals (which one grinds into powder oneself) to snort.
The effects after use are noticeable for 3 – 6 hours.

3 MMC operation

3Methylmethcathatone (3mmc) is eand synttheisch stimulans that als eand research chemical becomet gebrumet. Het is eand nieuwe graftiteit at the wereld from psychoactieve drugs those becomet gebrumet at heyt ondersoek afterar the effectand from andhonor stimulansen. Het becomet at kleine doses geïnjecthonord or gebrumet als poeder or tabletten. 3 mmc woperation goes als eand pennyraal stimulerunning middel and farearSatakt eand aantal fysiologische faranderingand, waarunder eand farhoogthe bloeddruk, hdoctorlag, lichaamvoteperatuur and reemhaling. Het heyeft ook eand toename from alertheid and farhoogthe energie. Het farearSatakt ook eand toename from vote and euforie, what bekend staat als eandhigh“. Het callangrijkste effect from the 3 mmc operation is that heyt eand actieve neurotransmitter bevordert, dopamine, those farantwoordelijk is vear heyt farearzaken from euforie and eand farhoogd wellzhis. Datamine becomet ook gebrumet to the concentratie and alertheid at farheyes. Het effect from 3mmc duurt meestal ongeveer eand uur, maar heyt can langer dhours als heyt at hoge doses becomet gebrumet. After heyt gebrume from 3mmc, can eand gebruiker eand farmoeidheid, duizeligheid and eand farminderd geheyugen ervears.

Additional information

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