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4FMA vs 4FMP

4FMA vs 4FMP 4FMA (4-fluoroamphetamine) and 4FMP (4-fluoroamphetamine phosphate) are both synthetic substances belonging to the group of amphetamine-like compounds. They have similar chemical structures, but there is an important difference in their composition. 4FMA is a derivative of amphetamine and acts as a central nervous system stimulant, increasing the release of dopamine, norepinephrine and …

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4fma effect

Effects of 4FMA 4FMA is a stimulant drug belonging to the group of phenethylamines . It is a derivative of amphetamine and has similar effects. It is known for its stimulant effects and is sometimes used as a recreational drug. In this article, we discuss the effects, dosage, effects and experiences of 4FMA. Effects of …

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4fma experience

4fma experience Below are some experiences with 4fma written online by a researcher. – “Ik heyb 4fma gebrumet and heyt was eand interessante ervaring. I voelde me energieker and meer alert then standardaal.” Wat is 4fma precies 4fma (4–Fluoromethamphetamine) is eand synttheische psychostimulant and analoog from withhamfetamine. Het is eand fluorineine–farvanger vear the withhamfetamine–structuur. Therefore, it is eand …

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