3-FA Capsule 50mg

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*This product should only be used for research purposes*

3-FA Capsule 50mg.

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3-FA: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for a new research chemical to try? Then 3-FA might be for you! In this product description, you will learn everything you need to know about this remedy, from its history and nomenclature to hazard statements and similar products.

What is 3-FA?

3-FA is a research chemical belonging to the fluorinated class. It is a stimulant and is often used for research and experiments. It is similar to other fluorinated class variants such as 2-fma and 4-fma, but has its own unique chemical composition.

History of 3-FA

The history of 3-FA dates back to the 1970s when it was first synthesized. Since then, it has been used for research in laboratories around the world. The drug is often used as a substitute for other amphetamines.

Similar products to 3-FA

There are several similar products on the market that belong to the fluorinated class, including 2-fma, 4-fma and more. These agents have similar effects and are often used in the same research areas.

Chemical Nomenclature of 3-FA

Chemically, 3-FA belongs to the fluorinated class and has the formula C9H11FNO. It is a chiral molecule with an enantiomer, meaning it can occur in two different forms. The IUPAC name for 3-FA is 2-amino-1-(3-fluorophenyl)propane-1-on.

Hazard statement of 3-FA

3-FA is a research chemical and therefore little is known about its potential dangers and side effects. Nevertheless, the drug should be handled with caution and used only in a controlled environment. 3-FA can be harmful to health and it is important not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Suggestions for similar products from 3-FA

If you are interested in trying other research chemicals similar to 3-FA, there are several options on the market. As mentioned earlier, 2-fma and 4-fma are popular options. Other options include 3-FMC, 4-FA and 2-FA.


3-FA is a stimulant belonging to the fluorinated class and is often used for research and experimentation. The drug is similar to other variants in the fluorinated class, such as 2-fma and 4-fma. It is available in powder, pellets and capsules, with the capsule form having a content of 50mg. The delivery time of the product is


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