Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We send orders discreetly and only in combination with Track & Trace, via various couriers. Our packaging is A-quality and suitable for shipping worldwide. By using Track & Trace you can track your package fairly accurately, with this we provide an up-to-date status of shipments and you can see where your order is.

Shipping costs

  • Netherlands
    • Package €7.95 (up to max. 5kg) incl. Track & Trace

For other shipping costs, see options at checkout.

Do you prefer to receive a mailbox package or have other requirements? Let us know!

Didn’t receive an order? We have the following policy:

It is very annoying to order something, pay for it and then not receive your order. This is frustrating for both you and us.

A courier gives us a standard indication of how long an order is en route. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that an order gets lost when it is on its way (“in Transit” )to you. This happens to every courier, by the way, and if it happens to you, we will start an investigation to see where it went wrong. Please note that if your order several business days remains unchanged with the status “In transit. There is a rule for this:

  • at least 5 working days for shipments to a neighboring country
  • at least 10 working days for other countries.

Possible solutions we offer if it appears that your order has disappeared:

  • we refund the value of your order
  • we will resend your order

When do we not refund an order:

  • when you provide an incorrect address and the courier cannot deliver it
  • When you do not pick up the package at a pickup point
  • When the package was delivered to the neighbors because you were not present
    • have the package delivered to a pickup point, this prevents problems!

Anonymous ordering and receiving

Anonymously order your Research Chemicals? The team at is here for you when it comes to receiving your order anonymously. Products ordered are carefully packaged in a blank envelope or box. Thus, you can never tell from the outside what exactly the contents are.

Our packaging material

Customers may trust that the packaging material used by us is completely discreet and free of logos etc. A third party will never be able to tell from the packaging material what the contents of the package are or who the sender is.

Letterbox package | Letterbox package | Letterbox package

Shipping box
Anonymous shipping box

Contact Us

Are you considering placing your first order with Zzzzap, but still have questions based on the above? Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp: +31 6 20 34 71 76. We are here for you Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 15:00 to give you the clarity you need to place your first order with confidence.

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